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The Capricorn Woman: December 22 – January 19

She's a survivalist who seems to exemplify the saying: "When the going gets tough, the tough get going. A typical Capricorn woman wants a successful career , a happy family, and husband that's supportive and proud of his hard-working wife.

From a very young age, she's had her eyes on the prize. Yes, she'll make mistakes, but she'll learn from them, pick herself up and begin again.

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The Capricorn Woman is a powerhouse, a combo of old-soul wisdom and inner resourcefulness. Learn all about the love life & personality traits. A Capricorn woman is hardheaded but wise, strict but mellow, and she is an opposition in one person, with a very difficult task to steer clear of guilt in this.

As is the nature of the Capricorn personality, females of this sign are strong and determined. It's often said that Capricorns are born old and grow younger as they age, and this holds true for the women of this sign. As a child, a Capricorn woman could already take care of herself and may have even assumed a parental role with a parent or her siblings. Perhaps she did it because she could or maybe because she had to.

But in either case, she likely took on responsibilities that were beyond her years.

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Even as a teenager a Capricorn woman was already ambitious and a sharp observer of life. She saw the big picture, knew the value of money , maintained control of herself, looked to the future, and was obsessed with making the most of her time. Her strong, reserved nature was a bit intimidating to the boys, but she wasn't overly concerned.

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She didn't want to waste her time dating; she wanted a job and her own money. Success in life is the name of the game for a Capricorn woman. She's a natural born leader who has the confidence, entrepreneurial spirit and steely determination to go after and realize her dreams, goals, and aspirations. Her joy is in the in the journey toward success, and with every success, she reaches a little higher.

She's an ambitious career woman who learned the value of hard work, position, and money early in her life.

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Capricorn Woman. As a wife, Capricorn woman in relationship needs a financially stable, smart and sensible partner. She is not fond of unrealistic dreamy relationships and aimless romantic pursuits.

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Her time is too precious for that. She knows that the most important things that make relationships and marriages work are insurance, reliability and security. Her decisions, in general, are well thought of and solid as rock. She is anything but foolish and fickle minded. Having a respectable career and a successful professional life are important for a Capricorn wife. She wants to live a life of security where all her needs are met. In such cases, love and marriage often take a backseat.

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